Suite Virginia Manuscript

My father, Livingston Gearhart (1918-1996), was a pianist and composer with a varied career in teaching and performing. This set of pieces was discovered after his first wife’s death among her papers (Virginia Waring, 1915-2013). It is a set of five pieces for solo piano.

This manuscript is free for downloading, if you are interested in performing it. Please contact Fritz Gearhart at, as I would be very interested to know if it is performed or enjoyed.

The recording was made by Xak Bjerken on the faculty of the music department at Cornell University. It is a “scratch recording” in sonic quality only — the performance by Xak is outstanding.

The recording accompanies a video posted on my YouTube page, which features a slide show of pictures of Livingston Gearhart.

Also see the compact disc recording “Music of a Lifetime” which features music written by my dad. This wonderful piece would have been included, had I known about it when the recording was made and distributed by Centaur.

Find the pages of the disc booklet below which gives some biographical information about my dad.