Hommage à Suzuki

Hidden Twinkle Variations

Music and Recording Available

Description of the recording:

A set of 8 unusual variations featuring the theme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” hidden within the texture. The recording features the Oregon String Quartet with guests Blayne Barnes, violin and Tyler Abbot, bass.

About the music:

These variations hide the twinkle theme within a 4-part, and sometimes 5-part texture. This work can be used as a vehicle to combine different levels of players or feature young beginners or amateurs within, or in front of a larger ensemble.

Each movement is possible as a stand alone work, or they can be grouped. Variations 1-4, 8 are in four parts (Twinkle theme in the 2nd violin). Variations 5-7 are in 5 parts (Twinkle theme on their own as violin 3). 

The piece works well for String Orchestra, but the recording presented here is for String Quartet. In Variation 7 an optional bass part is added (Tyler Abbott), and in Variations 5-7 a third violin is added (Blayne Barnes). The performance was recorded in Beall Hall at the University of Oregon School of Music.

Gearhart Youtube page has several more videos of a performance of the work  at a music educator’s conference.

Pdf downloads only $15.00. Includes unlimited access to complete score, and parts.

Contact Fritz Gearhart at info@fritzgearhartmusic.com, if you would like to purchase and recording or the music.