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Geigezoid is a work I originally wrote as a rock-hybrid instrumental, in more of what I would term my “Mod Robert” vein — the name I give to my pop music efforts. It was performed live in North Carolina at East Carolina University in the mid-90s, with a good friend, violinist Diane Monroe. This version was for 2 violins, piano, bass and drums.

Years later, (in the mid 2000s) I reworked it for string quintet — string quartet plus a jazz violinist. Diane Monroe joined the Oregon String Quartet at the University of Oregon School of Music and we added it to a recording project we released for Koch International, which was later titled “Oregon String Quartet and All that Jazz,—Jazz and Rock Influences in the American String Quartet.” That version, with Diane Monroe performing her awesome solo, was then transcribed to create the String Quartet version where I spread her solo between all four players. I also made for String Orchestra, with High School groups in mind. Contact me if you are interested and I can provide the music.

For recordings: find Diane Monroe’s version on the Oregon String Quartet disc, which is mentioned above, which is also on Spotify and Apple Music, etc. For the string quartet version, check out the YouTube video below. The video has a slide show of the Oregon String Quartet and Diane Monroe photos.