Opus 3 (for Emily)

Op. 3 for Emily is a piece written by Fritz Gearhart for Violin and Piano. It was dedicated to Emily Metcalf-Oshinsky who passed away in 2008. 

 I played with Emily in a string trio, we called ourselves the Op. 3 String Trio, and I was in high school and then early in my college career when I played wth Emily. We were all enrolled at the Hartt School of Music — this was in the early 80s. This recording was made by Fritz Gearhart, violin and Victor Steinhardt, piano, after her passing. The accompanying slide show has a few pictures of Emily and the Op. 3 string trio from way back. I'm very fond of this little work I wrote, one of the very few classical works I have written for violin and piano. I think in some way it really does capture Emily for me, who was a very sweet person --an extremely loving and gentle human being.

Find links on this page for the manuscript and a recording on my YouTube page.  Music is free. If you do perform it, please send me an email, as I would be happy to know about it.

Fritz Gearhart