Amazing Grace arranged for 

Violin and Piano (manuscript)

Amazing Grace

This version of Amazing Grace was written for a friend Stevie Gilmer who passed away in 2009 of Brain Cancer. Find link to a YouTube recording below. The recording was made by myself and Victor Steinhardt, who generously gave his time to do this with me, even though he didn’t know Stevie. It was performed at Stevie’s memorial service.

The slideshow that accompanies the recording has just two pictures, taken not long before Stevie passed away. Tragically, the man on the extreme right in the second photo,  J.P. (Jon Patrick) Scofield, died by suicide in 2011. The song “Sarcasm Warrior” on Mod Robert’s first album, was written about JP.  It includes soft excerpts at the beginning and end from the Whopner County Country All-Stars, his band, where he played bass and sang. He had an amazing voice.

Feel free to download this arrangement of Amazing Grace, find the manuscript linked to the picture at left.  Let me know if you do, I would be very happy if it were played.